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With the new year, lots of us make "new year resolutions".  A resolution is defined as "a firm decision to do or not to do something."  So, it maybe a new habit such as exercising more, changing eating habits, quitting smoking or changing a routine. Or, it could be checking something off your "bucket list" or taking care of a long put off task or project.

Some of us have given up on the concept of "new year resolutions" because after years of making and breaking them it feels like "What's the point?"  Admittedly, it can be tough to get out of our own way and take the time to do things that will truly provide long-term benefits because change isn't always easy. It takes commitment, but the rewards can be great.  

New Year 2017Now, if we said put "Deal with Insurance Issues" on your resolutions list, you'd probably think...SALES PITCH!  But truthfuly it's not...it's about never wanting to see anyone have a financial crisis because something bad in life happened to them. We can't tell you how many times we turned on the news this holiday season and saw stories about house fires, apartment fires or serious car accidents. We can't help but hope those people affected by these catastrophes had the insurance they needed so that on top of suffering the emotional trauma of a loss, they aren't also facing a financial crisis.

If you've seen those news reports, too, and thought, "What if that was me?" then talking to your agent is probably something you should put on your "resolution list". The good news is if you take the leap and call your agent, you can probably get any issues identified and dealt with relatively quickly.

 Here's hoping that you stay committed to your resolutions whatever they are and reap the rewards. And, if we've prompted you to put "Deal with Insurance" on your list, here are a few items to discuss with your agent:

Car Insurance - Do you have Accident Forgiveness coverage? Do you have enough liablity protection in case you seriously injure someone or someone without good insurance injures you in an accident?

Home Insurance - Is your home properly valued?  Do you have replacement cost on the dwelling and all your possessions?

Renters Insurance - If you are a renter, you need this to protect your liability as well as pay for all your stuff.  Think about all those apartment fires and all the people who lost everything. It can happen to you. For approx $20/month, you can have solid protection.

Umbrella Insurance - How much would it cost to get $1,000,000 liablity protection?  Often it's less then $20/month.

Life Insurance - This is the one that lots of people put off year after year. If you have a spouse, partner or children, then know that they would most likely suffer greatly if something happened to you. Term life insurance is an affordable way to protect them. If you have life insurance through work, that's great but chances are it's not nearly enough to adequately protect them.

Need help? We can help you get your resolution underway.  Just contact us!

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