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The location where your vehicle is primarily parked overnight is termed the “garaging location”. If the garaging location changes, your auto insurance policy states that you are required to notify the insurance company immediately. There is no grace period for notification; therefore, it’s a good idea to let your agent know in advance when a garaging change will occur. Be sure to notify your agent if you (or a family member):

Moves to a new home or apartment 

Takes a vehicle to college or is returning home from college for the semester

Loan your car to someone for an extended period – Be sure the driver is listed on your policy

Take your car on an extended stay at another location:

  • at second or vacation home
  • visiting friends at their home
  • military service
  • living away from home for work

Claims can be denied for failure to notify

Failing to notify the company of a garaging change can result in an auto insurance claim being denied. The reason that garaging is such a serious issue is that auto insurance premiums are determined in part based on the garaging location. 

Different geographic locations are rated differently and have different premiums based on the area’s accident and theft history. When your garaging changes, the new location may have an increased risk of accidents or theft…requiring an increase of premium to cover that additional risk. Conversely, you may find that the new garaging location has no increased risk, which leaves your premium the same. Or, it could decrease the risk profile resulting in a lower premium. It all depends on where you move.

Admittedly, no one wants to see their premium go up, but it’s not worth delaying notifying the company because having a claim denied based on a wrong garaging address could be an expensive situation.

Check with us before you move

If you’re looking to buy a home or rent an apartment in a new city or town, you may want to check with us regarding how the move will impact your auto insurance premium. If the move will result in a substantial increase, it may impact your decision and cause you to consider locating to a different nearby town that has a lower rate. This may seem extreme, but if you’re budget conscious, then it’s wise to consider all the facts before you finalize your plans.

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