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Imagine how you’d feel if you looked down and saw the stone missing on your diamond ring? Would it be covered by your homeowners', condo owners' or renters' policy? Unless you have the ring "scheduled" on your policy, the answer is probably NO. 

Most home/condo/renter policies provide coverage only in specific situations (named perils) listed on your policy, i.e. fire, theft, etc.  In the the above situation, the stone simply fell out and was accidentally lost, which is not a covered situation by most standard policies.

Even if you're not worried about accidental loss and are comfortable with having coverage only for the name perils, you also need to consider that home/condo/renter policies generally limit coverage for jewelry losses in a theft situation to $1,000—$3,000 per incident depending on the policy. So, if your house is broken into and your jewelry is stolen you may not have coverage for the full value.

The best way to insure valuable jewelry and other items is to have them "scheduled" on your home/condo/renter policy, which provides broader coverage. Scheduling expands covered loss situations as well as increases your theft dollar amount limit for the listed items.

To discuss coverage options for your valuables and obtain a quote, take a moment to complete a scheduled valuables quote request.


NOTE: The information provided here is a general description and should not be relied upon as being complete, correct or accurate for every situation. All coverage information is subject to policy provisions, endorsements and may be subject to your meeting underwriting qualifications.

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The information provided in these articles are only general descriptions and should not be relied upon as complete, correct or accurate for your specific situation. All coverage informaiton is subject to policy provisions, endorsements and may be  subject to your meeting underwriting qualifications. Murphy Insurance Agency is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other noninsurance professional services. Consult an appropriate professional for advice regarding your own situation.