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Auto Insurance

saving money...big deal.
being covered...bigger deal.

When a car accident happens, you want to be covered. And, we want to help you get the protection you need. If you're shopping for car insurance, price is important, but don't be fooled by cut rate policies that leave you unprotected.  At Murphy Insurance, we don't believe in you risking a lot for a little. You might be surprised, but it often only costs a little more to substantially improve your auto insurance coverage. Every insurance company has differences in what they offer, so comparing options isn't as easy as it might seem. We help you compare options, look for discounts, and focus on maximizing your car insurance coverage in a way that fits your budget. Ultimately, we want you to have peace of mind that you and those you care about are protected. 

let us eliminate confusion and help you find the best value

At Murphy Insurance, we work with top rated insurance companies and compare options to find the best balance of cost and coverage that meets your needs.

Mapfre Insurance         Safety Insurance                                     NGM Insurance           Preferred Mutual         Quincy Mutual Insurance           Travelers Insurance       Safeco Insurance           Vermont Mutual               Norfolk and Dedham Group

To learn more about car insurance, choose from the topics below. Complete an quote request online and we’ll contact you. Or,email, call or visit us to discuss your needs with a trusted associate.

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