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Due to a mailing issue, the Massachusetts RMV is still renewing registrations that expire in December 2016. If your December renewal has been delayed, you may still be eligible to renew online (assuming that no insurance stamp is required). 

Whether you’re buying a new home or have owned your home for some time, understanding what components make up a solid insurance protection plan for your home, your valuables and your liability is essential. While your home may not change much over the years, insurance isn’t “a set it and forget it” decision. If you own a home and haven’t considered your option in years, you might be surprised to know that insurance options are always changing, so it’s wise to review everything periodically and consider alternatives if you’re concerned that you’re not getting a good value.  Here are some issues to consider:

When it comes to car insurance, being a smart consumer means looking at the value you receive for what you spend.  The minimum insurance required by law to get a car on the road doesn’t provide much protection if you have a serious accident involving bodily injury or significant property damage. The price of car insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on your car, your driving record and where you buy your insurance. Use this guide to help you find ways to save on car insurance without sacrificing your protection. The most expensive insurance policy is one with gaps that leave you without coverage when you need it most. Stay focused on value—what you get…for what you pay.

Fire is the largest single cause of property loss in the United States. This deadly peril kills several thousand Americans each year and causes over 15,000 injuries. Take these steps to reduce your risk of residential fires.


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