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Special Insurance

Surround Insurance Brochure CoverThis special insurance package is designed for people who rent an apartment, don't own a car but rent or may borrow a vehicle, and freelance for extra income.

We partner with Surround Insurance, who has reimagined insurance around people like you, and not just your stuff.  Rather than having several separate policies, your coverage is cleanly bundled into one convenient package. Benefits to you include:

  • Renters insurance to cover your stuff and personal liability...and keep your landlord happy.
  • Auto liability coverage so that you can can rent or borrow a car with confidence...and perhaps decide to skip overpriced car rental insurance.
  • Medical payments coverage to protect you if hit by a car while biking or walking.
  • Professional liability insurance that covers your freelance work.

Start a quote or download the PDF to find out how this Renter-Driver-Professional pack works. Save up to 40% vs. competing insurance products.

Get a quick and easy quote in less than 4 minutes. 

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