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Christmas tree safety

Dec 05 2018

A Christmas tree is often a central part of holiday decoration. Some people cut down their own tree, others get theirs from a local side of the road stand and others have opted for artificial. While beautiful, Christmas trees can also pose a serious fire hazard, so be sure to follow safety guidelines.  

christmas tree  

  1. Be sure your tree is fresh. Touch and shake the tree. Needles shouldn't fall off easily.   
  2. If not cutting down the tree yourself, be sure to cut a couple inches off the base and keep in in water until you are ready to set it up.  
  3. When setting up your tree, keep it away from heat vents, fireplaces, radiators and other heat sources. 
  4. If you choose and artificial tree, be sure it is identified as fire retardant.  
  5. Water your tree EVERY day.  If it stops drinking water keep a close watch on its condition.  
  6. When your tree starts to drop needles and seems dry, get it out of your home. Don't store it in a garage or near the home.    
  7. Don't try to burn limbs in your fireplace or woodstove as they flash fire.   

To see the difference a fresh vs. dry tree can make. Watch the safety video below.  


  1. Check lights for any frayed wires or broken sockets. Don't try to be an electrician and fix broken wires that could short circuit. It's not worth saving a few bucks and risking a fire. 
  2. Read instructions on how many lights you can string together to prevent an overload.  Generally, not more than 3 sets of mini lights.   
  3. Turn off lights when the tree is unattended.  Always turn off lights when you leave the house or go to bed.  Tree fires happen really fast and need quick action to avoid a major disaster.   

Stay safe this holiday season...and always!  

Holiday Tree Safety Tips

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