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The Murphy Insurance Blog


News, updates and useful tips about insurance products and the insurance industry. We also provide insights on community events, local news and information that affect your everyday life. Enjoy!

Claims are a major driver in how insurance products evolve. At a micro-level , claims trends can influence what loss situations that insurance companies may exclude from insurance policy coverage. On a macro-level, claims largely determine the markets and/or geographic areas in which insurance companies want to do business....

Winter seems to be making up for lost time. While Massachusetts didn’t have that much snow in earlier winter months, February appears to be making up for it. The snow continues to accumulate with snow this week and there are several more weeks of winter ahead. Property owners are working to keep driveways parking lots and sidewalks cleared. And, when we get this much snow, it’s important...

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Many of us have given or received a gift of jewelry as a symbol of our love on special days like these. While it doesn’t necessarily make sense to specifically insure every piece of jewelry you own, it’s certainly wise if you have expensive pieces…especially if you wear them frequently. When you “schedule” a special piece of jewelry on your...

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