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News, updates and useful tips about insurance products and the insurance industry. We also provide insights on community events, local news and information that affect your everyday life. Enjoy!

home burglary

Regardless of how safe you may believe your neighborhood to be, the risk of burglary exists. Here are some tips you can follow to limit your chances of becoming the victim of a home burglary.   To limit your chances of becoming the victim of a home burglary, consider the following steps for daily life:

spring cleaning

Spring brings with it the traditional “spring cleaning”. While you’re organizing your home and preparing for the warmer months ahead, it's also the perfect time to give your insurance policies a spring cleaning check-up. Ensuring your coverage is up to date and tailored to your current needs can provide peace of mind as you embrace the joys of spring and summer. Take a few moments to explore some essential considerations for your insurance protection this season.

driving car

You may not think an error on your auto insurance application is a big deal, but the consequences can be very costly. Giving inaccurate information on your application can lead to increased premiums, policy cancellations or insufficient coverage in the event of an accident. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when applying for auto insurance.

business interruption insurance

Standard property insurance covers physical damage and losses—furniture destroyed in a fire, a storm-damaged office building or stolen equipment. This coverage can help you pay the costs of rebuilding or replacing damaged property. But what about losses resulting from your business’s inability to operate because of property damage? For this type of loss, you’ll need business interruption insurance, also known as business income insurance.

car accident

Because having an accident isn’t a common occurrence, you might forget what you should and shouldn’t do if you’re in an accident. Here are actions you can take to help things go smoothly and facilitate the claims process.

protect loved ones life insurance

A permanent life policy provides lifelong insurance protection. The policy pays a death benefit if you die tomorrow or if you live to be a hundred. You can lock in premiums when you purchase the policy. By purchasing a permanent policy, the premium will not increase as you age or if your health status changes. There is also a savings element that will grow on a tax-deferred basis and may become substantial over time.

Home Insurance

Home insurance coverage can differ from policy to policy depending on a multitude of factors. Being aware of these factors that affect your premium can ensure that you are appropriately covered.

Distracted Driving

The National Safety Council recognizes April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This event is intended to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and encourage motorists like you to minimize potential distractions behind the wheel. Review the following information on distracted driving and ways you can help prevent it.