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Update - Movie filming in Downtown Hudson, May 2017

Apr 27 2017

If you saw our last post, excitement is building in Downtown Hudson with filming scheduled for the movie, "Who Do You Think Would Win?".

Filming is scheduled to take place on sections of Main Street and Washington Street on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd from approximately 7AM to 10PM each day. Specific locations will include Vic's Barber Shop, Robinson's Hardware, Hudson Gas and driving scenes on Main Street

As with all things, there are changes with logistics, so below are some of the details.  For our customers, Murphy Insurance will be open as usual and can assist you by phone or you can visit another office.

Detail of what to expect in Downtown Hudson from April 28th - May 3rd.

Friday, April 28 - No parking & sidewalk closures North side of Felton St to Pope St. (approx. 8 parking spaces). Sidewalk closure between Felton St. and Avidia Bank driveway between 7AM & 7PM.

Monday, May 1st - Filming at Vic's Barber Shop - Felton St. to Russell St. will be closed 6AM to 8PM. There will be parking restrictions along the north side of Main Street between Felton St & Church St. as well as along Washington, Felton, Pope, and Church Streets close to Main Street.  There will also be periodic traffic control near the rotary, Washington Street and South Street near filming locations.  Sidewalk closures northside of Main Street to Pope St.....open only to store customers and also in the area of Victor's Diner and Sago Gas.

Tuesday, May 2nd - Hudson Gas filming - Good news is that the initially planned all day closing of Main Street on May 2nd appears to be cancelled, so it won't cause as much disruption.  However, there will still be parking restrictions along the north side of Main, Felton, and Washington Streets for 24 hours.  As well as sidewalk closures during the day on parts of Main and Washington Streets, and intermittent traffic control at Washington Street between Robinson's Hardware and the Rotary.

Wednesday, May 3rd - Main Street & Robinson's Hardware filming - Main Street will be closed from 7AM to 12PM between the Rotary and Broad Street, and Felton Street will be closed to Russell St.  Again, Murphy Insurance will be open as we're sure other businesses will be, too.  There will be no parking at all along Main Street from 6AM to 12PM.  And, 24 hours of no parking on Church Street (up to the Boys & Girls Club), Felton Street (up to #15 Felton) and Pope St (both sides up to #16).  Sidewalk closure will be in effect from 7AM to 12PM on the north side of Main St. from Felton to Pope St.

Enjoy the fun...this doesn't happen every day

So...there will be some parking challenges and traffic restrictions for a few days, but what a cool event for the Town of Hudson.  While we know it may be a bit inconvenient, we support Hudson. Be sure to support your local businesses even during filming. Your patronage is important...and who knows, you might even see some of the excitement. Something to tell your friends and family about. 

Our Hudson staff will be working as usual, but if you need to speak with a representative in person and don't want to come to Hudson, keep in mind that our Marlborough office is just a short distance away.  If you've liked this info, you might like the other tips and info we share, too. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  And, if you're not currently a customer and need insurance, we hope you'll remember us.  We'd welcome the chance to assist you!

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  Thank you for the info!
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