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As a cyclist, you've chosen a sports activity that puts you on the road with a lot of vehicles.  No one needs to tell you that drivers have a lot more physical protection than you do on your bike, and it's the cyclist who is most at risk of injury. In 2018, 857 cyclists died in motor vehicle accidents, which is the deadliest year in almost 30 years. (NHTSA)  While you take every precaution to be safe on the road, there are many factors out of your control, and it's possible that something could happen.

If you're involved in an accident, the impacts aren't just physical...they can also be financial.  Be sure that you and your loved ones are protected in case something happens. Below are several issues to consider in order to build a solid protection plan. If your current agent or company isn't suggesting such protection options then perhaps it's time to consider a new provider. 

cyclist insuranceauto insurance

Protection from underinsured & uninsured drivers.  Not all drivers carry the higher bodily injury coverage limits necessary to pay for injuries caused to others in a serious accident. There are also those who drive without insurance. If you are seriously injured by one of these uninsured or underinsured drivers, there is a way that you can buy protection for yourself through your own auto policy. We'd be glad to review this coverage with you. 

liability insurance

What happens if you are at fault for injuring someone while on your bike? What if you have a blow out or something else causes you to lose control? You could injure another cyclist or swerve into traffic causing an accident as vehicles swerve to avoid you. As a result, you might be sued for injuries or damage to property.  You're not in your car so this is where your home/condo/renter and umbrella liability policies would protect you.  Do you have enough protection?  Do you have umbrella liability coverage?


What happens if you're injured and can't work? Could you pay your bills for an extended period of time if you were injured and out of work? Disability insurance can help remove some of the financial struggle while you recuperate from an illness or injury. Even if you have some disability protection from your employer, it may not be the maximum coverage you could get. Let us help you evaluate your current protection and options. 

life insurance

If the worst happened, you want to know that your loved ones would be okay financially. This is really hard to think about, but given the extra risk that you have compared to others who aren't cyclists, you need to make sure that you are prepared. Mortgage, income, household, education expenses,etc.. These are all things to consider in planning for the future of those you care about most. We can help you work through the planning evaluation and options for protection.

Time to review? We're glad to assist.

If any of the above has hit a nerve, Murphy Insurance would welcome the opportunity to assist you. We can review the policies you currently have to be sure that you're well protected. 

Use our contact form to let us know how we can help.  Or, if you have a specific request, use one of our quote forms.

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