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Only 37% of renters have renter insurance according to research by the Insurance Information Institute. That's a scary number showing that many people underestimate how much they are putting at risk by not having this extremely affordable coverage. If you don't have renter's insurance, are you saying "No" before you are clear on what renter's insurance does for you?

One of the most important things renter insurance covers is damage to your personal property. Your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover any of your personal belongings if a covered loss such as fire, water damage from an overflowing sink or toilet, theft or vandalism, happens to your apartment. Just think about any house fire you’ve seen on the news recently. No one imagines actually being in the situation of losing perhaps everything they own. It's like you know it could happen, but then think, "Yeah...but that won't happen to me, what are the chances?"

It would cost a lot to replace everything you own.

A common objection is “I don’t need renter insurance because I don’t own a lot of stuff.” You have clothes, furniture, appliances, electronics and much more. It’s not about the value of what your stuff is worth used if you sold it all; it’s about what it will cost to buy everything new if you lost it all. Imagine losting all your clothes in a fire. It could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to replace them.  

It costs less than you think.

On average, it costs about $15 a month to cover everything you own plus you’ll probably get a discount on your auto insurance because you’ve purchased renter insurances. A pizza can cost more than $15.  If you still think that’s a lot, think about the cost of replacing everything you own. Most people wouldn’t want to think about spending all their disposable income replacing everything they own. Odds are, you’re one of those people.

Renter insurance is about more than just the things you own

Renters insurance also covers:

  • Your liability expenses if someone gets hurt in your apartment. Imagine someone tripping on a rug and falling causing a head injury or broken bones.. Your renter's insurance will probably cover some legal costs. And even if they don’t sue you, your insurance can cover certain medical expenses for your injured guest.
  • Increased living expenses.  This doesn’t mean your insurer will pay for your rent, but if there is a covered loss, making your apartment uninhabitable, your policy could reimburse you for food and temporary housing. Dont be the person standing outside your burning apartment building in the middle of winter having lost everything you own, having no place to go, and having no idea how you'll pay to get back on your feet. Renter insurance can help get life back on track a lot faster.

Even if a disaster happens and someone else might be responsible that you could put in a claim against, that takes time plus there’s no guarantee they have insurance or you'll be successful. For just a few dollars a month, you’d have the peace of mind knowing that you have a plan to help you recover financially.

It’s easy to buy and less than 15 minutes to apply.

We’re all busy, but applying takes just a few minute at most. You can apply via our online application, so while you're watching TV or just sitting around you can use that time to protect your stuff and yourself. Why not give yourself the peace of mind?

Let us protect you…please get in touch with us.

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Smith Miller 12 months ago

A person who rents out a place will be taking landlord policy for there protection from the rented person whereas the rented person for unwanted money usage won't be <a href="https://alchemyinsurance.com/">taking any insurance policy</a>. When something bad happens then the person with valid insurance policy will be getting the benefit where the person who doesn't possess valid policy needs to bear all the losses himself.

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