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The Honda Civic was the most frequently stolen passenger vehicle in 2017, with 45,062 thefts among all model years of this car, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).  The bureau notes that most of these thefts were older models that lack the anti-theft technology of today’s models.  In fact, there were 6,707 thefts of the 1998 model year Civic, but only 388 of the 2017 Civics. The Honda Accord ranked second, with 43,764 thefts. Among 2017 model year vehicles, the Nissan Altima was the most frequently stolen vehicle in calendar year 2017, with 1,153 thefts, followed by the Toyota Camry with 1,100 thefts.

All Model Years (1) 2017 model year vehicles only
  Rank   Model   Thefts    Rank  Model   Thefts  
 1   Honda Civic 45,062  1   Nissan Altima 1,153
 2   Honda Accord 43,764  2   Toyota Camry 1,100
 3   Ford Pickup (Full Size) 35,105  3   GMC Pickup (Full Size) 957
 4   Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size) 35,058  4   Hyundai Elantra 929
 5   Toyota Camry 17,278  5   Ford Fusion 874
 6   Nissan Altima 13,358  6   Ford Pickup (Full size) 842
 7   Toyota Corolla 12,337  7   Ram Pickup 835
 8   Dodge Pickup (Full Size) 12,004  8   Toyota Corolla 832
 9   GMC Pickup (Full Size) 10,865  9   GMC Savana 774
 10   Chevrolet Impala  9,487  10   Hyundai Sonata 759

(1) includes all model years for each vehicle.

Source: Insurance Information Institute and National Insurance Crime Bureau

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