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Video message update from Dennis F. Murphy III on customer assistance and service during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the video on YouTube.

Message from Dennis Murphy III


Hi...this is Dennis Murphy. Just wanted to take a moment to reach out and say “Hello” and give you an update as to where we stand here at Murphy Insurance. Our team is doing quite well.

Like a lot of organizations our team has the ability to either work from home or work from one of our locations.  Our locations are currently closed to the public. We are going to be doing that for the near term as a means of keeping our team safe and out of an abundance of caution.  We do want to be here for your inquiries.  That said I do invite you to reach out any time via phone, via email, via web inquiry to any member of our organization.  We are here; we do have the ability to service any customer needs.

One thing we are looking for some patience on is the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The Registry currently has about a five day back log. Meaning that our courier still goes every single day, but work that he goes with today won’t be back (from the Registry) for a full business week. That is something that I do ask you to keep in mind as Registry needs come up.

With that said, if you have any questions…if you want to review your policy…if you have any inquires, I ask you to reach out to any member of our team including me personally. You can feel free to reach out directly any time you want.

Thank you very much.  I hope you all stay safe. We look forward to seeing you in person when the time allows.

Thank you.

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