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The Thanksgiving holiday and weekend are among the busiest travel days of the year and as a result some of the most dangerous for potential accidents. If you're going to be on the roads this holiday, even if it's just travelling a short distance, be extra cautious. We want you to be safe and happy throughout the holiday.

  • Check tire pressure and fluid levels...prevention can avoid a breakdown
  • Buckle up...be sure kids are properly in their seats
  • Leave early...the best way to reduce road stress is to give yourself extra time
  • Obey speed limits & road rules - driving fast could get you a speeding ticket and increases chances of an accident
  • Don't tailgate...give yourself room to react, a crash is not on your holiday 'to do' list
  • Be patient if there are delays...getting frustrated won't get you there faster
  • Avoid distracted driving...focus on the road and avoid using hand-held cellphones
  • Be alert...drive defensively and be prepared to react
  • Make frequent stops...during long trips, rotate drivers. Stop and rest if too tired
  • Clean windows to avoid glare...clean headlights and taillights, too
  • Turn on headlights at dusk...it's for safety and it's the law
  • Don’t drink and drive...what else needs to be said
  • Don’t drive drowsy or sleepy...it can be as dangerous as driving drunk


Road SafetyIf you should have a breakdown, be sure to pull off the road as far as possible. Remember that you're safer in your vehicle than standing on the side of the road.

All of us at Murphy Insurance wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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3 years ago

Great addition for our New England Weather.

John Haesche 3 years ago

Consider carrying a jug of windshield washer fluid during those really messy trips.

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