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Halloween SafetyHalloween isn’t just for kids.  All you have to do is drive around and see the decorations, and you know that Halloween is right up there with Christmas when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit…pun intended. 

Insurance may not come to mind as you're planning your costumes or decorating your home, but there are certain risks involved especially if you are inviting people into your home or onto your property.  Also, if you're driving on Halloween, you need to take precautions, too.

8 tips for safety around your home and on the road. 

  1. If decorating with lights be sure that all electrical plugs are in good order. Throw out any strands or cords that are frayed or not working properly.
  2. Candles often add to the spooky quality of decorations. Be extremely careful with open flames. You don’t want them to catch on decorations or clothing. Don’t leave open flames unattended. Consider using battery operated candles, which can even have a realistic flicker, to light pumpkins and other displays.
  3. If carving pumpkins, make sure that kids are closely supervised around knives. Don’t try to rush doing this at the last minute…sharp knives and moving fast are a recipe for disaster.
  4. Make sure driveways and walkways are well lit. While dim lights may add to the spooky feel, it can also be dangerous if people can't see where they are going. Nothing can spoil the fun more than a lawsuit because someone tripped, fell and was injured.
  5. If you set up a major “haunted house” at your home and invite neighbors and friends to walk through, you may want to consider increasing your liability limits.
  6. Having a party? Put away breakable items that could be accidentally damaged. If you're serving alcohol, take precautions to limit your liability exposure. Speak with your insurance agent as you may need additional protection.
  7. Attending a Halloween party? Be safe. If alcohol is being served, have a designated driver. Don't drink and drive.
  8. Drivers be extra careful if you're out on Halloween. Dark streets and kids/groups walking on roads where you might not normally see a lot of pedestrians can be a dangerous combination. Drive defensively.

Have a spooktacular Halloween.

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