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The unexpected changes to our daily lives caused by COVID-19 has created several auto insurance related issues that may impact you depending on your situation. Take a moment to consider if these apply to you or perhaps to someone you know who might be unaware.Auto Insurance

Making deliveries using your personal auto

If as part of your work you are now delivering food or other products due to the crisis, your personal auto policy needs to be updated to cover "business use", which is excluded from a basic policy. You don't want to have an accident making a delivery and not be covered. Please contact us so that we may contact your carrier and ensure you have proper protection. If any of the below situations apply to you, please contact us immediately to make adjustments to your auto insurance policy.

College students home early from school changes

If you're a student or have a student in your household who is home early from school due to the crisis, here are two situations that you normally would have changed at the end of the semester, but may need to change now, if applicable:
  1. The student has a car at college, and now the car is home.This is a "change of garaging location". Auto policies require notice of changes to where a car is kept overnight, aka garaging.  When you take a car to school or return home from the semester, you need to contact us to update your policy information.
  2. The student was excluded/removed as a driver from the parents' or another auto policy.  Unless you contact us to add the student back onto the auto policy, they are not covered by insurance. 

Given the quick change of circumstances, be sure to address these issues if needed. 

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