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The COVID pandemic has taken a toll on all of us in different ways. It’s changed daily routines of how we work and socialize, and so many have experienced the loss of family members and friends. As a result, it’s caused many of us to reconsider what matters most in our lives and review our priorities.

Taking care of loved ones has certainly shifted to the forefront. One trend we’ve seen in the insurance industry is a significant increase in people inquiring about and purchasing life insurance protection. Hearing stories about or witnessing the passing of people, who in many cases had no prior health concerns, has caused many to recognize the urgency of planning for worst-case scenarios. The thought of what could happen if your family were to lose one or both income earners has rightly scared many to prioritize getting life insurance as well as updating their wills, beneficiaries and guardianship plans.

The pandemic hasn’t changed the process of getting life insurance. If you are concerned about being covered for an untimely death due to coronavirus or other illness, the key is that as long as you were upfront about your health and pre-existing conditions when you apply, you should be covered.  

COVID-19 can cause long-term health issues, which might make it more difficult to get life insurance or increase your rates.  This is true for any type of serious health condition such as cancer, heart disease or respiratory disease, which is why you should get covered as early as possible before any issues may arise.  Also if you have life insurance through work, consider that it’s often not portable, and if your health situation changes, you might not be able to get covered.  It’s always better to have your own policy independent of any employer provided coverage.

For a healthy individual, getting life insurance is relatively straightforward. We will help you through the process, explain options, and help you get covered to protect your loved ones and put your mind at ease. Call us today to discuss what you need to do to get life insurance. 

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