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Making money by driving for Uber or renting out all or part of your home through Airbnb sounds like a great idea. However, personal auto and home insurance policies don’t cover these situations...leaving you with a serious coverage gap should an accident occur.

uber insuranceWhile Uber and other ride-sharing companies may offer insurance, these policies may still leave coverage gaps depending on what stage you’re in of offering rides. As a passenger, you might want to consider these gaps, too.

Renting out a portion of your home on Airbnb or another home-sharing service means you are essentially running a bed & breakfast. If a renter damages or destroys your home, your home insurance will not apply.

airbnb insuranceGenerally, commercial insurance policies are needed for such coverage, which most likely is cost prohibitive for the average person looking to make a few extra dollars.  While the insurance industry is evolving to address the risks created in this new “sharing economy”, you need to be aware of these gaps. Putting extra cash in your pocket is great, but be sure the benefits outweigh the risks.

If you have questions, be sure to speak with your insurance agent.

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Julie Rich 5 years ago

I will inform my friend who rents out a roon in her house on Airbnb, thank you for posting

Shirley Calo 5 years ago

Even though I don't drive for Uber (I'm sure I'm too old), Or rent out part of my home, I appreciate that you keep me informed.

5 years ago

If someone, who didn't know that such "sharing economy" business activities are excluded from personal insurance policies, then our goal in posting this information is accomplished.

Certainly, we wish that a personal insurance solution was readily available, and appreciate the frustration that exists. It's obvious that these activities are going to occur; however, we want anyone involved to understand the risks as ignorance is not bliss. The last thing we would want is for someone to be involved with ride-sharing or home-sharing and have an incident occur and only then realize that there is an insurance gap.

We whole heartedly encourage investigating insurance solutions provided through sharing companies; however, it's important to understand that their offerings are most likely not comprehensive. Certainly, insurance coverage for the "sharing economy" will continue to evolve. It is always our goal to help keep you informed...sometimes part of risk management may be avoidance.

Jeff 5 years ago

This is a useless post.

The fact is that "the sharing economy" exists. If you can't offer a product that protects an AirBnB host, what's the point of the post? You don't even enumerate where or when these Gatos exists.

This post is FUD noise

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