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Earthquake Insurance

Homeowner, condominium owner and renter insurance policies protect your home and personal property from fire, smoke, wind, hail, theft and other exposures. However, most home-type policies exclude losses caused by an earthquake. 

Although we don't think much about earthquakes in the Northeast, New England is prone to earthquake activity. We don't experience earthquakes with the frequency that they occur on the West Coast; however, damaging quakes have occurred in the past and they will in the future.

The 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia on August 23, 2011 was felt in New England and all along the East Coast. Did you know that the Nantucket experienced a 2.9 magnitude quake in June, 2009?  In 1755, an estimated 6.0 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Cape Ann.

If a significant quake occurred here, damage could be heavy because our building codes don’t account for such an event. An earthquake insurance endorsement added to your home, condominium, rental, or business policy can better protect you. 

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additional earthquake facts and information: