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Manufacturing Insurance

Running a manufacturing or fabricating business is a challenging endeavor managing sales, contracts, materials, processes, deadlines and employees. To be successful you need to plan and manage risks at all levels.

At Murphy insurance, we understand manufacturing risks. An injury caused by your product or service, equipment breakdown, product recalls, premises liability, contractual liability or other situations can be financially devastating to a manufacturing business, so you need a comprehensive manufacturer insurance plan that will help you remain productive and recover as quickly as possible should a situation arise.

Manufacturing Insurance

experience understanding manufacturer insurance needs

We work primarily with manufacturers based in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. We provide manufacturing insurance solutions for a wide range of business types including:

  • apparel and clothing manufacturing
  • food processors
  • furniture manufacturers
  • home goods
  • machine shops
  • metal goods manufacturing
  • plastic goods manufacturing
  • plating and surface coating
  • printers
  • publishing
  • sheet metal shop
  • specialty technology
  • technology manufacturing
  • tool manufacturing
  • wire goods manufacturing


coverage designed for manufacturers

Our commercial insurance team works with you to understand your business and with that knowledge pulls together a protection plan designed to address the unique exposures of your manufacturing business. We also provide guidance in identifying risks and developing means of minimizing exposures, costs and ensuring compliance.

Partnerships with a variety of insurance providers provide us a range of options when building your manufacturing insurance protection plan. One may be a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), which provides core coverages of property, liability and business income in a money saving bundle and can be customized to your needs. Other coverage options depending on your needs may include:

be sure your business is well protected

The time to ensure that your business has sufficient insurance protection is before a claim situation occurs.  Let us provide you with a review and comparison of your current manufacturing insurance program to our options. We’re glad to meet with you and review. Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing insurance solutions in MA and beyond. We're glad to provide a second opinion on your current insurance protection.