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Replacement cost vs.
Market cost

What your house would sell for market value is typically not the same as replacement cost for several reasons including 1)economic factors, 2) location and 3) cost to rebuild.

Did you know?  The Mass. RMV charges $100 to reinstate a registration?

It's another reason to make sure that your auto insurance payments are on time. If a policy is cancelled, you not only have to pay the premium but also the reinstatement fee. Talk to us about payment plans and EFT payments.  

If you lose your diamond ring, is it covered?

Imagine how you'd feel if you lost your ring or looked down to see the stone missing? Losing something is not covered under a home/condo/renter policy unless you specifically schedule the item. This also provides additional coverage in case of theft. Get your ring us.

Create a home inventory. It makes a claim easier.

If you haven’t a prepared a home inventory, take the time to pull it together. The time you spend now can really reduce stress later if you have a claim. Check out these helpful tools to get started >

Check your MA Driver's License expiration date. The RMV no longer sends license renewal notices.

If your license expires on your birthday this year, mark your calendar now! If you forget and are caught driving with an expired license, you could have serious problems.

You can be sued like a millionaire!

Today, lawsuits are increasingly common. With the escalating judgements and jury awards, it's worth having extra umbrella liability protection over and above your auto and home coverage. It only takes one incident to change everything. learn more >

Avoid installment payment service fees with EFT

You may avoid installment service fees by having your payment automatically deducted from your bank account. Electronic Funds Transfer can save you time and money. Contact us to sign up >

Avoid a rejection sticker for old MA License Plates

Older green MA license plates must meet standards for legibility and reflectivity in order to pass the annual vehicle safety inspection. Avoid the stress of getting rejected and last minute arrangements to get new plates.  There is no cost to swap plates. contact us >

Required Notice of Change of Garaging

If you or another household member moves or is temporarily living at another location, you need to notify us of a change to your auto's "garaging address" i.e. the location where your vehicle is primarily parked overnight. learn more >

Accidents happen, but rate increases don't have to. Find out if you're eligible for accident forgiveness coverage. learn more >

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