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Toys for Tots 

Toys for Tots needs your help!

Finding a toy drop-off location near you.

Click Here for the Toys for Tots Locator

At this time we are not a Toys for Tots drop-off location, but we still support the program and hope that you will too. As a way of assisting, we're sharing the information below to help you find ways to donate because kids and families need help. Make your donation early so that toys can be delivered.  Ideally, donate by December 9th to leave plenty of time.

Where you can donate toys locally

There are still many public drop-off points across Massachusetts and throughout the country, and we encourage you to find a location and make a donation. Murphy Insurance staff will be conducting our own internal toy drive and getting them to Toys for Tots, we hope you'll join us.

Click here to search online for a local drop-off location. 

Making a monetary donation. Donate to a virtual toy box.

If you would like to make a donation but are unable to shop, visit ToysforTots.org, where you:

  • Make a monetary donation online
  • Shop and donate a toy to a "virtual toy box" 

If you need assistance

Please note that we are not a coordinator for the distribution of toys. Toys for Tots in Massachusetts does not manage toy requests for individual families.  Instead, it works with other local non-profit agencies, organizations, schools, and churches to identify families in need. If you are an individual family, please contact a non-profit organization, social services agency, or church in your town or immediate area and register with them to request toys from Toys for Tots.

Helpful information

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About Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots gift guidelines