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Change of Garaging/Parking Location

Garaging (def.) - the location where a vehicle is primarily parked overnight.

Auto Insurance policies all require that the insured notify the insurance company when the primary garaging address of any covered vehicle changes. Not doing so can have serious consequences.  Failing to notify the company of a garaging change can result in an auto insurance claim being denied

when to notify your agent

Moving to a new home or apartment - There is no "grace period" for a change of garaging, so it's good to give your agent advanced notice as soon as you know your move date, This lets you get it out of the way before all the hectic activity of pre- and post-move get started.

Student takes vehicle to college or returns home from college - This is a common situation that causes confusion. Even if a student returns home on weekends, if a vehicle is parked overnight at school 4 out of 7 days a week, then it is considered to be primarily garaged at the school address. Garaging is a completely separate issue from a student being legally considered a member of a parent's household or where the student is registered to vote. Make sure you change garaging back if a student moves home or elsewhere at the end of the semester.

An extended stay at another location - You're going to be away for an extended period of time and taking your car with you:

  • at second home
  • at vacation home
  • visiting friends at their home
  • military service
  • living away from home for work

Loan your car for an extended period - If you let someone borrow your car for an extended time, and it will be parked elsewhere, you need to change the garaging.  In addition, you'll need to make sure to list the person as a driver on your policy because "regular use" by another person is not covered unless they are listed.

Other situations not listed here may arise that are considered a change of garaging. If you have a questionable garaging situation arise, don't make assumptions, contact us to discuss it. You can notify us of a garaging change by phone, in person, by email or by completing an account information update form.