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banking & financial Institution Insurance

Banks and financial institutions have unique exposures. In a highly regulated environment with greater than ever competition, risk management challenges are complex, which is why having a qualityfinancial institution insurance protection plan is essential. Murphy Insurance has years of experience tailoring insurance solutions to meet the needs of banks and financial institutions.  

We work primarily with financial institutions based in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont  providing:

  • bank insurance
  • credit union insurance
  • mortgage company insurance


coverage designed for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions

Your clients rely on your institution for professionalism and knowledgeable guidance regarding their financial needs. You want the same when it comes to your insurance program. Murphy Insurance Agency’s team of insurance professionals understands the risks facing institutions banks and financial institutions and will work with you to build a well-rounded plan to protect your operation and manage liability risks. Our banking and financial institution insurance coverage solutions include:

be sure your financial institution is well protected

The time to ensure that your financial institution has sufficient insurance protection is before a loss situation occurs.  Let us provide you with a review and comparison of your current program to our options. We’re glad to meet with you and review. Contact us today to learn more about our banking insurance solutions in MA and beyond. We're please to provide you with a second opinion on your current protection plan.