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What happens to your loved ones if something happens to you?

make sure you have enough life insurance

Life Insurance QuoteAs a National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors member, we at Murphy Insurance are participating with NAIFA affiliate LIFE (Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education) to encourage everyone to review their plan to protect their family's future and take action.

Do you have the right amount of life insurance to protect your loved ones if something should happen to you? 

It's a subject that no one wants to think about, but how would your loved ones manage financially if you weren't here? Almost everyone knows they need life insurance, but no one wants to think about dying. Most of us assume that we'll have plenty of time to make arrangements, so we procrastinate and make excuses. But, what if something were to happen tomorrow? 

To protect those you care about, this is a subject that can't be ignored. Unfortunately, statistics show that many people haven't addressed their life insurance needs or fail to update their plan to keep pace with changes in their life.  Even if you are lucky enough to live a long life, life insurance can provide financial support to those you care about after you're gone.

How life insurance can help

We encourage you to take some time to learn more and examine your life insurance needs.  If a tragedy happens, life insurance proceeds can:

  • Pay for funeral and burial expenses
  • Pay off mortgage, credit cards and other outstanding debts
  • Help pay ongoing monthly bills and living expenses
  • Pay for future needs such as your child's education
  • Protect your spouse's retirement
  • Help a family business to continue operations

Below are a variety of resources that you may find helpful including a Life Insurance Needs Calculator.  If you don't have life insurance or having reviewed your needs in a while, please contact us to arrange for a one-on-one review of your needs.  Jennifer and Jean will make the process easy.  To get started now, complete our quote request or call 800-222-8711.