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Hired & Non-owned Vehicle Coverage

Sometimes business is done using vehicles not owned by your company.

  • You send an employee to make a delivery in their car.
  • You borrow a truck to pick up equipment.
  • You rent a car on a business trip.
  • An employee runs to grab lunch for the office.

The frequency of such situations occurring at your business may vary, but chances are they will happen from time to time. To protect your business and you (as business owner) if an accident occurs and you’re sued, your business needs Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage. It covers bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you rent, hire or borrow and caused by vehicles owned by others such as employee owned autos. Even if you don’t have a business vehicle, there are other options to obtain this coverage. 

You should also have Hired Auto Physical Damage coverage, which protects your business, your employees and you (as business owner) with physical damage protection when you temporarily rent, lease, hire or borrow vehicles in the name of your business for business use. 

Without these coverage endorsements, your business is at risk in any of the above or other similar situations where a vehicle not owned by the business is used for business purposes. Getting coverage is relatively simple. If you don’t currently have these coverages on your policy, we highly recommend that you reconsider. Our associates can provide you with additional information and discuss your specific needs. 

If you're not sure if you have this coverage, consult your policy or contact us.