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10 tips for safe winter driving

When winter weather makes driving challenging, the safest solution is to stay off the roads, but that’s not always possible…or perhaps you want to be out in the elements. Here are a few tips for preparing in advance for when you’re out in challenging conditions. Pack emergency supplies. Be sure your car has a brush and scraper, a shovel, rope, a strong flashlight, blankets, a can of de-icer, kitty litter for traction, water, matches and a snack. Keep ...

Preventing ice dams

what is an ice dam? When the air in your attic warms to above freezing, it causes the snow to melt. When temperatures outside are below freezing, the water running down the slopes can refreeze as it reaches the colder edges of the roof. This can create an “ice dam” that prevents water from draining off the roof and causes it to pool and back up under the roofing material and into the attic or ...


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