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Is insurance a commodity?

August 19 2014
Insurance can certainly seem like a commodity if purchasing it is primarily price focused. If you’re not an active participate and insurance protection is more of an after-thought, it may not be getting the attention it deserves as a strategic tool to protect your bottom-line. Large corporations often devote thousands of dollars and dozens of staff to pay attention to risk management. Even that team has to engage a broker they trust to fill in the voids and exposures in their risk management plan. As a small to mid-size business, you can emulate their dedication to risk management by...

Consigning Property for Auction, Part 1

April 11 2012
If you’re a collector of art and antiques or the heir to a family estate, no doubt you’ve thought about consigning some of that property to auction. Here are 5 steps for navigating the consignment process, and my best advice for sailing through it with ease...

10 tips for “What to do at an accident scene”

December 13 2011
Because having an accident isn’t a common occurrence, you might forget the things you should and shouldn’t do if you’re in an accident. Here are actions you can take to make things go smoothly and facilitate the claims process.

Five insurance lessons from ‘The Town’

August 18 2011
By looking at situations that are extreme, you can take away some lessons that apply to our own, more mundane lives when it comes to being protected from various catastrophes. Here is what you can learn…

Back-to-school college student insurance issues

August 18 2011
The beginning of the school year is just around the corner. When it comes to students living away from home, it’s also important to note that some home insurance policies have different language that adds age or full-time status limitations...

Welcome to the Murphy Insurance blog!

August 17 2011
You might be wondering…”So, what exactly is this blog going to be about?” Don’t worry we won’t bore you with lengthy descriptions of insurance coverage and contract language. There are plenty of other places that you can get that kind of information if you want it. We know that insurance isn’t a hot topic for most people, but everyone wants to be covered if something happens.