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Don't risk a lot for a little

Oct 05 2011

Dennis F. Murphy, Jr.  CEO  CPCU, CLU

Recently, I read about a car accident where a driver damaged 9 vehicles and sent several people to the hospital. The news is full of such stories. Just like you...they never really thought it would happen to them.

No one can predict when or how severe an accident situation might be, so there isn’t a simple answer to the question...How much protection is “enough?”

With accidents, we often think about property damage first, but it’s liability for bodily injury that presents the greatest threat to your financial future given the possibility of a judgment that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars or even in the millions. Unfortunately, many people don’t have enough protection.

We don’t want to see you in such a situation without protection, which is why we recommend purchasing the highest amount of bodily injury coverage that you can afford. Our Associates are committed to providing you with the best insurance value by looking for discount opportunities and maximizing your coverage based on your budget.

I’m confident that a mega-insurance company (and some others) aren’t as concerned as we are about you having the right protection. We’re your neighbor, which makes it personal. If you haven’t talked with us recently to review your coverage, please call us about protection options. Never risk a lot for a little!

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