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Uber, Lyft and other TNC drivers...new endorsement covers insurance gap

Oct 06 2017

the problem

If you drive for a Transportation Network Company (TNC), personal auto insurance policies stop providing coverage for vehicle damage, property damage, bodily injury and most other coverages as soon as you sign into the TNC app. Typically, the insurance policies offered by TNCs only provide limited coverage during the time between you logging into the app and picking up a fare. However, it’s risky to allow your coverage to fluctuate depending on the situation because an accident can occur at anytime.

the solution

To solve this coverage issue, Mapfre Insurance and Plymouth Rock Assurance recently began offering a TNC driver endorsement. Effective November 1, Safety Insurance will also offer an endorsement to resolve this coverage gap. In the future, we anticipate other carriers following suit.  Previously, because there were no coverage options, many TNC drivers simply took on the risk in order to earn money; however, that risk is no longer necessary. Our Associates can help you to evaluate
which company offers the best solution depending on your overall needs. If you or someone you know drive for a TNC or are considering it, please contact us for assistance.

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