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There's a fire at your apartment. Are you insured?

Apr 14 2017

If you don't have renters' insurance, you aren't covered for fires or other losses.

Did you see any of these news reports below about apartment fires that occurred in Massachusetts? If not, please take a moment to click on a couple and then ask yourself... 

"What would I do if this happened to me?" 
"How would I get back on my feet?"

Dec 2016 - 22 Families Left Homeless After Apartment Fire in Methuen

Jan 2017 - Dozens Lose Apartments After 5-Alarm Fire Destroys Lynn Building  

Mar 2017 - Fire Destroys Apartment Displaces 10 in Hardwick 

4 mistaken assumptions 

  • Landlord's insurance covers your personal belongings...it doesn't! 
  • Underestimating the cost to replace all your belongings
  • Landlord's insurance covers someone getting injured in your home...it doesn't!
  • Renter's insurance costs a lot...typically less than $1.00 a day.

Apartment FireFires are one of the the most devasting losses that can happen to you if you live in an apartment, but broken pipes, burglary and other situations can also cost you money and cause stress. Unless you have renters' insurance, your belongings aren't covered and neither is your personal liability.  What if you caused a fire by accident that damaged other people's property. You could be held liabile and wouldn't have any insurance to help protect you.

Getting covered is fast, easy, and affordable

For approximately $200 annually, you can have insurance that guarantees you'll have money to replace everything you own and pay for extra housing expenses if needed. But if you drive a car, it probably won't even cost you that much because you may save up to 10% on your car insurance, which can offset some of the cost of getting covered.

To get a renters' insurance quote, go to dfmurphy.com/renterquote online or call us to speak with an Associate. Answering a few quick questions gives is the info needed to provide you with a custom quote. In most cases, we can have you covered in no time.

Don't keep putting it off.  The next time you see a news report about an apartment fire remember, those people never thought a fire would happen to them. It can happen to anyone so be sure you're protected to avoid a personal financial crisis.

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