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There are many reasons for having a pool...exercise, relaxation or simply having fun. If you have a pool, or are planning on getting a pool, be sure that you thoroughly understand building codes and proper safety measures required. It's worth considering additional safey measures so that prevent unsupervised access. Prior to installation be sure to check that you obtain proper permits. Any pool that is more than 24 inches deep requires a building permit. This is the first line of defense for pool safety because it helps ensure that pools are constructed to proper safety standards.

Everyone wants their pool to be a source of enjoyment not headaches. To make this a reality follow these safety tips.

Fencing—Install high fences with locking gates. Keep them secure at all times without exception. For greater protection, consider gate and pool alarms.

Supervision—Never let children swim without adult supervision. Children under 5 should be closely supervised regardless of swimming ability.

Learn to swim—Don’t let children who can’t swim around water. Make sure children learn how to swim and basic water safety.

Know first aid—Learn basic water rescue skills and first aid. Have life saving floatation devices pool side.

Completely remove covers—Never allow swimming in a partially covered pool. Don’t let kids walk on the cover.

Avoid lightning—If you hear storm rumblings in the area, get out and away from the water until the storm has passed.

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Monday, September 17, 2012 7:28 AM
Good post, but I think you can add pool covers too, you can incrase the security with them.

Best regards.

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