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On July 6, as part of the Massachusetts RMV’s “Summer of Success” campaign, the Massachusetts RMV launched a new web feature at www.massrmv.com. The new “myRMV” is an easy and friendly central customer page that allows customers to view their RMV information and conduct RMV online transactions all from this one location.

myRMV can be accessed through a myRMV icon at the top of the RMV’s website homepage or by clicking on one of the transactions included in myRMV (indicated by the myRMV icon next to the transaction).

The specific benefits of the myRMV are:

  • It allows customers to view more of their RMV information in one place in a more customer-friendly way. This information includes license/permit/ID card, registration, title, and outstanding obligations.
  • It allows customers to process multiple transactions while only needing to authenticate their information one time.
  • While viewing their license information, a drop-down action button gives customers the option of selecting a license renew or duplicate transaction.

Transactions Available through myRMV
Initially, the following four online transactions will be available through myRMV. These transactions will only be available through myRMV, whether a customer starts on the myRMV page or clicks on the online transaction link.

  • Renew License
  • Duplicate License
  • Address Change
  • Organ Donor Registration (only customers 18 or older)

Massachusetts RMVIn addition to these existing transactions, a new feature allows the RMV to collect contact information (email and phone number) from customers who choose to provide it. Customers can easily add and update this information through myRMV. This feature will improve communication between the RMV and customers; for example, having a customer’s contact information will allow the RMV to contact the customer about a returned license. 

While customers will be able to view their license, driver’s education, registration, title, and lienholder information through myRMV, these will also continue to exist as separate inquiry links outside of myRMV. This is because other people or agencies may need to look up a customer’s information and cannot use myRMV for this purpose.

Continuous improvements will be made to myRMV. Additional transactions (currently available through the Online Branch) that will soon be simplified and added to myRMV are:

  • Renew Massachusetts ID Card
  • Duplicate Masachusetts ID Card
  • Renew Registration
  • Duplicate Registration
  • Duplicate Title

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