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An important deadline under the Affordable Care Act is approaching. By no later than October 1, 2013, ALL employers must notify current employees about the options available through the Exchanges (aka Health Insurance Marketplaces).After October 1, employers must provide notices to all new employees. Employers must provide these notices whether or not they offer an employer sponsored health plan and regardless of how many people they employ. You can find information on this requirement at the Department of Labor's website.  

At this time, the Department of Labor has released three temporary model notices for your use. Final ones should be available later this year; however, until those are available, you can provide your employees with the temporary notices customized with your company information. The key documents that employers need to review regarding the employee notifications are as follows:

Technical Release 2013-02 - Guidance on the notice to employees of coverage options under FLSA §18B and updated model election notice under COBRA 

Model Notice for employers who OFFER a health plan

Model Notice for employers who DO NOT OFFER a health plan

COBRA Model Election Notice - revised to include info that in addition to COBRA there may be other coverage options available though the Exchanges

Employers needing assistance with the preparation and content of their notices should contact their health plan advisor now. Murphy Insurance group health insurance customers should contact Bonnie Donovan

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