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Getting your financial house in order

Jan 02 2018



by Michael Murphy President


No one likes to think about the loss of a loved one or their own death, but if you want to avoid having your family struggle with financial and legal issues, there are certain planning steps you need to take. Here are a few questions to think about...

Do you have a will and a trust? A trust helps keep your family out of court.

Do you have an attorney? Does your family have the contact information?

Are all of your financial documents in order (including names of financial institutions & account #’s)? Do your family members know where to locate this information?

Do you have a financial durable power of attorney?

Do you have advance health care directives?

  • Health care proxy—appoints someone to make medical decisions for you, if you are unable to
  • Living will—specifies the type of medical treatments you would or would not want if you were unable to communicate.   

Have you discussed your thoughts about organ donation with your family?

Do you have enough life insurance on both you and your spouse/partner?

Is your beneficiary information up to date on life insurance policies?

Kids protection plan, if you have minor children?

Even if you’ve already done this work, you should periodically ask yourself if your arrangements still fit your current situation. Changes may be needed.

Talk with our Financial Insurance team if you have questions about any of these issues. We’re glad to offer guidance.

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